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Duomo Agrigento

C6 XP-2 works for consolidate the Agrigento’s Cathedral

The C6XP-2 is involved to stabilize and consolidate the hillside where the Agrigento’s cathedral is located safer. This will allow an easy access to tourists and pilgrims to visit the Cathedral in a safe manner.

The C6 XP-2 is equipped with the SPM – Smart Power Management – and the Full Load Sensing hydraulic system. The two systems allow a proper intelligent engine power management in order to improve performance of the rig and reduce fuel consumption.

The C6 XP-2 also has a reduced noise level thanks to the use of modern sound-absorbing materials and use

of a efficient heat exchanger. The feature that makes this drill so unique is the new articulation, designed to work in the most demanding conditions: through the control panel, in fact, the mast can be shifted by +/- 93 °, to reach most extreme positions.

duomo agrigento
duomo agrigento
duomo agrigento
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