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Casagrande: 60 years of excellence

On September 30th Casagrande, one of the foremost industry brands for over 60 years, celebrated its 60th anniversary with an unforgettable event dedicated to the employees and their families. This outstanding celebration was not just a moment of festivity but also an opportunity to appreciate the present and strengthen the solid bonds that have been the company’s foundation from its inception.

The event served as a celebration of the values that have led Casagrande through the challenges and victories during the past sixty years. It provided a chance to explore the past, celebrate the present, and look at the future with hope.

The evening began with an emotional moment as employees and their loved ones gathered to commemorate this significant milestone. The opening words emphasized the importance of unity for Casagrande, which is more than just a group of colleagues—it’s a true family where mutual support is paramount.

Authorities complimented this vision and praised the company for prioritizing strong values such as unity, dedication, and integrity. They focused on how essential it is for a company’s success to maintain a strong sense of belonging, especially in an increasingly competitive business world.

But the evening wasn’t only about feelings and speeches. The renowned comedic duo “Ale e Franz” entertained the guests with their infectious humor, filling the air with laughter and smiles and creating an electrifying atmosphere.

The highlight of the evening was the final toast, a moment of great significance. As glasses were raised, they celebrated Casagrande’s present success and offered their best wishes for the future. This toast was the recognition of the constant commitment to uphold the values that have taken Casagrande this far and the determination to pursue an even brighter future.

Casagrande is deeply thankful to all the collaborators and to those who have contributed in shaping the company into what it is today, a family that extends even to faraway lands. These global connections, including those with our overseas “families”, have played a crucial role in our success and further reinforced our sense of unity on an international scale.

Our goal is to grow and thrive together, like a family facing life with courage and determination.

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