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Casagrande B300XP-2 in action in Trieste (IT)

In the heart of the Servola’s iron foundry safety project, remediation, and reindustrialization of the facility in Trieste, a leading machine from Casagrande Group, the B300XP-2, is showcasing its power and reliability.

The main objective of this integrated project is to ensure the safety and recovery of the area through physical boundary interventions in the concessioned demesne area and treatment of contaminated groundwater. To achieve this goal, secant piles with a diameter of 880 mm and a depth of 30 m have been utilized.

The Casagrande B300XP-2 machine has proven to be the ideal choice to tackle this demanding challenge. Its power and versatility have allowed for precise sinking of secant piles into the ground, ensuring stability and safety in the targeted area. With its advanced features, the B300XP-2 can operate efficiently even in difficult conditions, providing excellent long-term performance.

Casagrande Group takes pride in being an integral part of this Servola’s iron foundry safety initiative, which will serve as a future hub for maritime transportation.

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