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Casagrande B400 XP-2: Egypt’s first monorail

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The Casagrande B400 XP-2 is a multifunction rig designed to drill Bored Piles up to 4500 mm max undermast diameter up to 99 m drilling depth or up to 35 m CFA drilling depth.
Thanks to a max rotary head torque of 470 kNm, the HD kelly bars and a 435 kN line pull powerful winch, the B400XP-2 can rapidly drill deep and large piles in hard soils.

In Egypt, a monorail is being constructed to connect the country’s New Administrative Capital with East Cairo. The project’s first phase, extending from the new capitai to EI-Moshir Masque Station, is set for completion by the end of May 2022 and is expected to reduce traffic congestion and create an integrated public transport system. The project’s first line, which will extend over 56.5 km from East Cairo to the New Adminis­trative Capitai, has 22 stations. The project’s second phase, extending over 11.5 km from EI-Moshir Masque Station to Cairo Stadium Station, is scheduled to be completed in February 2023.

In current job site Casagrande has supplied two B400XP-2 piling rigs. The two Casagrande piling units have been arranged in pull-down version with drilling axis extension in order to achieve the maximum drilling performance of 3100 mm max diameter front mast and 72 m max drilling depth.

B400XP-2 rigs are suitable for conversion to other piling modes; displacement piles, cased CFA double head mode, as well as diaphragm wall equipment with a heavy-duty hydraulic suspended grab for excavation to 80m.
The pantograph-type mast support and the heavy-duty mast ensure the strength of the structure for drilling deep and large piles in hard soils as well as fine and fast positioning and easy rigging/de-rigging operations.

The B400XP-2 rig has been designed to make assembly/ disassembly and transport operations easy and safe thanks to the remote contrai and modular design of the machine.

The CDS – Control Descend System, allows the fastest automatic insertion of casing according to the job-site conditions. The operator sets the requested crowd force and speed and the rotary head speed and the XP-2 system controls the operations.

The poweful 441 kW diesel engine drives all the working functions of the approx 130 t rig.

Furthermore, the XP-2 series offers the new Casagrande Fleet Master (CFM) and Casagrande Data Recorder (CDR) systems developed specifically for Casagrande range of foundation equipment.
The systems allow the customer to monitor from remote the rig’s status and to obtain all the required data during the drilling operations.

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