Drill Rig Hütte HBR 605-3, USA

For re-construction works, anchors needed to be installed for slope stabilization and to prevent the highway from washing away again. The construction company was averaging approx. two holes per day with two machines. Using one Hutte 605, the company averages 2-3 holes per day! Further details on the drilling works can be found at the […]

Drill Rig Hütte HBR 202-E, Skyview Dubai

NSCC International was responsible for the design, procurement and installation of the shoring system consisting of micropiles, two layers of anchors to support the 5 m deep excavation and main foundation piles. The design approach had to take into consideration the limited workable options for the use of material and equipment on site. As a […]

Drill rig Hütte HBR 610 Stabilising en route to Vegas

The HBR 610 drilling rig is carrying out anchor works to stabilise an existing pylon along the new path, providing electricity for nearby Las Vegas. The slope underneath the foundation of the pylon was imminent to move, so the HBR 610 drilling rig was chosen for the up to 21m deep anchors, stabilising the ground. […]