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CFA Piling Rigs

The Foundation Division of Casagrande with its proven XP Series, provides equipment of high performance, advanced technology and operation competitiveness.

Continuous Flight augers piles C.F.A. are non-displacement cast-in-site bored piles. It consists of drilling using a rotary head coupled to a continuous flight auger with hollow stem. After reaching the required depth concrete is pumped down through the hollow stem of the auger to form the pile. According to the contractor’s requirements, Casagrande is able to offer a wide range of models, allowing different depths and diameters. Accessories such as auger cleaners, computer for measuring and monitoring the injection parameters, kelly extensions and crowd winches can be offered.
B125 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:135 kNm
Max Diam.:
800 mm
Weight: 39 t
B160 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:160 kNm
Max Diam.:900 mm
Weight: 41 t
B175 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:175 kNm
Max Diam.:900 mm
Weight: 41,9 t
B200 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:210 kNm
Max Diam.:1000 mm
Weight: 65 t
B240 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:263 kNm
Max Diam.:1200 mm
Weight: 67,5 t
B250 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:263 kNm
Max Diam.:1200 mm
Weight: 83 t
B275 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:300 kNm
Max Diam.:1200 mm
Weight: 90 t
B300 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:300 kNm
Max Diam.:1200 mm
Weight: 102 t
B360 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:400 kNm
Max Diam.:1200 mm
Weight: 125 t
B400 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:467 kNm
Max Diam.:1200 mm
Weight: 124 t
B420 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:470 kNm
Max Diam.:1200 mm
Weight: 138 t
B470 XP-2 - CFA
Torque:470 kNm
Max Diam.:1500 mm
Weight: 167 t

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