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Diaphragm Wall

Casagrande started manufacturing equipment for diaphragm walls in 1963. Over the years, it has developed a complete range of machines in order to satisfy the contractor’s requirements.

Requests for a special machine to excavate efficiently in medium hard to soft soils led to the development of the KRC and grab type K combination. This equipment guarantees superior productivity and makes control of verticality easy in the excavation of diaphragm wall panels and barrettes. The KRC can get into tight corners; a turntable enables the Kelly and the grab to be rotated 45°or 180°, easy transportation without dismounting and quick assembly without service crane. Latest introduction is the hydraulic rope suspended grab system KG25.
Depth: 30 to 46 m
Width: 400÷800 mm
Lenght:: 2,5 ÷ 3 m
KHD System
Depth: 80 m 
Width: 420 ÷ 1500 mm
Lenght:: 2200 ÷ 4000 mm
KHD Hydraulic Grab
Lenght: 2200 ÷ 4000 mm
Width 420 ÷ 1500 mm
Weight: 9 ÷ 30 t
FD Hydromills
Depth: 100 m
Width: 700÷1500 mm
Lenght: 3150 mm
PM – Mechanical Grab
Jaws width : 600 ÷ 1200 mm
Jaws opening:
a 3000 mm
Weight:  8 ÷ 11 t
Product Range Casagrande
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