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The best Drilling Solutions on the Market

Find the best Drilling Rig on the Market

Improve your work with more than
500 Drill Solutions and 57 years of experience

What equipment are you interested in?

We designs and manufacture piling machines, diaphragm systems, soil investigation, anchors drilling, micro piling,
jet-grouting and special equipment for tunnelling consolidation.


Micro Piling

Casagrande’s new series of XP-2 hydraulic Drilling Rig are designed and built using the latest state of the art techniques.

Piling Machines

The Piling Division with its proven XP Series, provides equipment of high performance, advanced technology and operation competitiveness.

CFA Machines

The CFA Division with its proven XP2 Series, provides equipment of high performance, advanced technology and operation competitiveness.

Diaphragm Systems

Casagrande equipment guarantees superior productivity and makes control of verticality easy in the excavation of diaphragm wall


More than 55 years designing, building, developing and perfecting geotechnical engineering equipment

Energy made of experience shared
with the world


We supply piling rigs and crawler drills for micropiling,
anchoring and jet-grouting, diaphragm wall equipment
as well as special tunnel consolidation equipment,
offering more than 200 solutions, all of which can be customized.

Over and above being the outcome of strenuous research and development, all this is the materialization of a successful combination of genius and strategic vision that gives rise to targeted concepts, adjusted to suit the purpose, the target and the range of performances of our equipment.


Our production process stems from a creative approach:
we analyze customer requirements and difficulties
and then explore new ways to provide the best solutions.
Calling this flexibility would be an understatement.

We like to call it a proactive and collaborative approach,
a prerogative by which we are able to make special equipment
to satisfy specific needs, as well as standard products.
We do all this while satisfying requests with the shortest possible lead-times

Years of Experience
Equipment Sold

Energy that propels genius and a strategic vision

To reenergize, uniting the past and the future
to favour our company’s open, transparent and proactive attitude.
To stick by our associates and stand in the forefront
to guarantee that our customers receive exactly what they demand.

This is our challenge. To meet it means to share goals
and successes with energy, working zealously and passionately
in an atmosphere of reciprocal trust.

Energy to adapt and be farsighted

We are well aware of what it means to be global players.
We strive to use our ability to integrate our work vision with
the different approaches of each country to offer a more comprehensive
and better service by the day, while meeting and overcoming
the most difficult challenges.

We start by making massive investments, working on ambitious,
long-term projects, and always find enhanced efficiency, savings,
safety and sustainability waiting for us at the finishing line.
Special energy – an impulse to innovate that transforms the future
into the present – fuels us throughout the race.

B200XP Casagrande drill rig (o1)-min

Discover the Power
of our XP2

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Casagrande’s new series of XP-2 rigs are designed and built using the latest state of the art techniques. A range of machines engineered to satisfy the needs of the most demanding contractor with emphasis on performance, reliability and economy

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