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Fusina, farewell to coal. The power plant gets greener

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An amazing jobsite is being carried out with two of our new XP-2 machines: main drivers as for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability process.
On the site of an old power plant, two Casagrande drilling rigs have made the foundations for a new integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant.
Close to Venice the B275 XP-2 and B400 XP-2 are shaped for the best performance ever.
They built approximately 2000 piles for over 50000 m in displacement piles with 620 mm diameter and 25 m max depth. In addition, more than 300 CFA piles were drilled in more demanding geological condition areas.
The Casagrande B275 XP-2 and B400 XP-2 are multifunctional hydraulic drilling rigs designed for the execution of a wide range of works in the geotechnical field.
The B275 XP-2 has been equipped with Rapid CFA to allow easy conversion from CFA drilling method and displacement piles method by changing drilling string and tool.
The Smart Power Management (SPM) control system grants intelligent power management
of the engine, increasing the machines’ performance and productivity. This SPM system monitors instantaneous power flows and allocates the full available power to the work functions in real time, this allows the system to work at its maximum power all the time.
The hydraulic power system is equipped with Full Load Sensing (FLS) technology which, by means of feedback between pumps and distributors, brings just the quantity of pressurized oil requested by the uses, obtaining considerable fuel savings.
Besides that, the machines are both equipped with CFM (Casagrande FleetMaster) and CDR (Casagrande Data Recording) systems developed entirely by Casagrande specifically for their machines. The CFM allows to monitor the activity, the location of the machine, the active alarms and the list of events. Meanwhile the CDR is the system for recording and monitoring working parameters and drilling data.

See the jobsite video here.

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