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Ground improvement technique with Soil Mixing in Turkey

Casagrande B300 XP-2 and B360 XP-2 at work to build a high-speed rail line that will connect the capital Ankara to Izmir. The project will relieve traffic congestion, create a convenient connection between the western and middle parts of Turkey, and promote socio-economic development to support tourism in Izmir.

This project used equipment to work with the Deep Soil Mixing method that is a process consisting of mechanical disaggregation of the soil in situ and its mixing with a slurry consisting of water, binders with or without filler sand, and mixtures. Suitable for soft clays, silts, and fine-grained sands with low humidity content and in stratified ground conditions including interbedded soft and stiff or dense soil layers. For this project have been drilled 800 mm diameter piles with a drilling depth of 14-21 meters.

Special thanks to @NEFTAŞ, our dealer of Casagrande machines in Turkey.

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