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Casagrande FD Hydromill

The new FD Hydromill

The FD is the model that suits the widest range of requests for special foundations. It is designed with heavy duty wheel assembly and special hydraulic motors to deal with very thick diaphragms and under very demanding ground conditions

  • Flexible: the New Casagrande Hydromill concept allows excavation length of 2800 mm or 3150 mm as per Casagrande’s standard by using specific and simple kits of transformation
  • Power: the variable displacement motors will grant the best torque and speed performances
  • Chain system: Casagrande patent solution will grant the best performances in the hardest soil conditions, full face excavation and reliable panel key join
  • Verticality: full face excavation, n° 6 upper and n° 6 lower steering plates;
  • Service: the layout of the hydromill and the B470 will grant the easiest access to all the parts of the equipment;
  • 360° view: the new Casagrande Cameras will grant a 360° view of the equipment and working area.
  • Monitoring: you will have all the excavation data available in real time and remotely


More than 100 m excavation depth you can achieve with our hose reel system

Main Application

FD Casagrande Hydromill 01-min


The hydromill is suspended from the crane’s winches, while the hydraulic hoses and debris pipe are supported by the two idler wheels activated by two independent tensioning systems. According to the length of the lattice boom, different excavation depth can be managed. The hydraulic turning joint – available as option – allows rotation of the hydromill by +/-100 degrees for operations at various angles as corner panels excavation.

FD Casagrande Hydromill 02-min


The hydromill is suspended from the crane’s winches while two winders hold the hydraulic hoses and debris pipe. Each winder is activated by an independent hydraulic circuit in order to adjust the tensioning according to the depth to be dealt with. This configuration allows the reaching of considerable excavation depths with minimum boom length. The hydraulic turning joint available as option.

FD-on-B470XP-2-(w3) - Copia - Copia


Change your way of Excavation

 precise alignment with the trench of the Casagrande Hydromill even in corner panels excavation

Technical Data

Base CarrierB470 XP-2B470 XP-2
Hose tensioning systemWinchesHose Reels
Depth36 m | 42 m | 50 m100 m (optional 120 m)
Boom lenght24 m | 27 m | 30 m27 m
Approx. weight170 t | 175 t | 180 t190 t
Installed Power522 kW | 563 kW522 kW | 563 kW

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