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FD70 Hydromill - Winches version


The Casagrande Hydromill FD70 – Winches version is the model that suits the widest range of requests for special foundations. A version is available with special motors to increase the wheels torque. The hydromills are designed by Casagrande to match today’s demands of diaphragm wall construction

The equipment consists of a heavy steel frame with two drive gears, attached to its lower section, which rotate in opposite directions around horizontal axes. The soil, or rock, is “milled” by the cutting wheels from the bottom of the trench and continuously moved, mixed with slurry, and removed by a powerful fl ushing pump.

The hydromills utilizes a wealth of engineering expertise gained by Casagrande in many years of geotechnical available for the application of electronics to record depth, verticality and cutting force and to provide with instant information to control performance and maximize on production. The all-round ruggedness of hydromills are complemented by attention to details. The suspension of the hose reels by automatic winches and the fi tting of a powerful flushing pump to remove cuttings.

Whether in hard or soft soils, a choice of cutters is available to match every condition and demands of different wall width scan be easily met, simply by changing the cutter wheels and the interchangeable guides. All models of the hydromills are designed to work on the principle of reverse circulation. Cutting chains are used enable the equipment to cut through hard strata, to guarantee the cut throughout the wall width and to provide better joints and excellent interlocking.

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Dati Tecnici

Profondità di scavo50 m164 ft
Larghezza di scavo760 ÷ 1500 mm2.5 ÷ 4.9 ft
Lunghezza di scavo2800 / 3150 mm9.2 / 10.3 ft
Coppia agli assi ruote2 x 100 kNm2 x 73,760 lbf·ft
Velocità ruote0 ÷ 30 rpm0 ÷ 30 rpm
Portata pompa detriti450 m³/h15,890 ft³/h
Peso fresa45 ÷ 50 t44.3 ÷ 49.2 ton


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