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Piling Rigs Classic

The Foundation Division of Casagrande with its Classic Series, provides equipment of high performance and operation competitiveness.

The Classic Series equipment gives tangible benefits to the customer, since it is the result of many years of experience and specialist Casagrande expertise, complemented by cutting-edge engineering solutions, dedicated electronics and innovative design. Improved performance, widespread efficiency, flexibility and strong attention to safety, make the Classic Series the point of arrival and the ideal completion of the Casagrande range/span>

C Series

Torque:100 kNm
Max Diam.:1200 mm
Weight: 28,5 t
Torque:125 kNm
Max Diam.:1200 mm
Weight: 35 t
Torque:135 kNm
Max Diam.:1500 mm
Weight: 39,7 t
Torque:177 kNm
Max Diam.:1500 mm
Weight: 41,8 t
Product Range Casagrande
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