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Remote Controls on Casagrande drill rigs

Casagrande radio remote controls are equipped with a technology that allows to use them in a versatile and effective way, responding with the same device to the entire range of Casagrande drilling rigs.

The radio remote control manages all working functions: tracking, positioning and drilling with a reduced weight and dimensions to increase the comfort of the operator. Its electronics guarantee a high safety level and it has a radio frequency suitable for both the European and North American markets.

The battery charge duration is around 6 hours and spare battery is always being charged on board on the machine. In addition, the remote control can replace the previous model as a spare part (in case, both trasmitter and receiver modules must be replaced).
As an additional option, there is the 3.3” display for working parameter visualization.
To complement the range, Casagrande offers a different remote control with additional commands to manage machines such as RC7 or PG185 that perform special applications.

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