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Non vibration Stone Columns system

The Stone Columns of Casagrande with its proven XP Series, provides equipment of high performance, advanced technology and operation competitiveness.

Method opens up new foundation possibilities, where previously stone columns/ground improvement could not be considered due to vibrations and nuisance. Graded filter selected materials can be used so columns are more resistant to clogging in liquefaction events. Columns remain effective for multiple events. No introduction of high pressure water or air required so relatively mess free. Sites immediately adjacent to sensitive environments completed. The tooling is a hybrid drilling assembly, this allows tool penetration through hard layers and removes the requirement for predrilling, that is often required for vibrating tooling. Method builds complete columns at all times, so there is no-void space introduction to allow column contamination at any time, unlike methods where a plunging motion is used. Fuel and Cost Savings on traditional stone column systems. No additional power packs are required, only one rig to perform the job. Can be attached to a conventional rotary piling rig, thus a truly multi-purpose machine that can be converted back to other techniques is possible.
Stone Columns
B175 XP
Torque:175 kNm
Max Diam.:1100 mm
Weight: 43 t
Stone Columns
B200 XP
Torque:210 kNm
Max. depth:
13500 mm
Weight: 64 t
Product Range Casagrande
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