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C3S XP-2

The new C3S XP-2 for soil investigation

Casagrande has developed a new project.

The C3S XP-2 is Casagrande’s smallest drilling rig, designed to perform projects in the field of foundation and it’s particularly suited for soil investigations and micropiles.

Having a weight of 8000 kg allows ease of transport and having extendable tracks from 1400 mm to 1730 mm grants great stability and easy access to confined spaces.

Equipped with powerful diesel engine of 100 kW rated power compliant to latest exhaust emission regulation EU Stage V and a 100 kN crowd/extraction force feeding system.

C3S XP-2 kinematics has been specifically designed for vertical drilling; soil investigations are possible by using high speed rotary head up to 1000 rpm, wireline winch and high capacity mud pump.

The C3S XP-2 is a modern machine equipped with several accessories and options: CFM and CDR control and monitoring systems. CFM-Casagrande Fleetmaster is an online platform so to control remotely your fleet via web. The CDR-Casagrande Data Recorder is a new application designed for monitoring, recording and processing working parameters in the field of special foundations.

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