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Tunnelling Equipment

Specific equipment for fore poling in tunnel works prompted Casagrande, in co-operation with specialist contractors, to design and develop machinery that would enable perfectly aligned holes to be drilled quickly and economically.

The machines were designed based on mounting on a highly maneuverable hydraulic base carrier, a long, horizontal mast, supported by two telescopic columns that would permit the angle of inclination of the mast to be set to the alignment of the tunnel. The two telescopic columns are mounted to ring gears that permit the rotation of the mast by180°.
Radius:7940 mm
186 kW
Weight: 45 t
C3 XP-2
Radius:2150 mm
100 kW
Weight: 6.5 t
C5R XP-2
Radius:2490 mm
97 kW
Weight: 10 t
C6T XP-2
Radius:4220 mm
142 kW
Weight: 17 t
C7T XP-2
Radius:4260 mm
186 kW
Weight: 24 t

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